STAGE 5 - RO Membrane

STAGE 5 - RO Membrane

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Reverse Osmosis - Removes remaining undesirable pollutants down to .001 microns in size (by comparison, the size of most bacteria is about .5 microns / viruses are about .05 microns). We use 100 gallon per day rated high volume reverse osmosis membranes that has a waste and recovery rate of one to one, which means that for every one gallon of water that is made,one gallon goes down the drain. Most reverse osmosis systems have a waste recovery rate of five to one, which means that for every gallon made, four or five go down the drain.

All of our PristineHydro Revival Systems have a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Flush Valve, which dramatically extends the life on the RO membrane. Once a month (depending on usage, more often if you are making a lot of water) open the Flush Valve while the unit is making water; when you open the Flush valve you should hear a flushing sound, this flushes out the RO membrane and extends filter-life. On the Under Counter and on the Counter Top models you will need to drain at least a quart (fill a quart or larger container with water out of the water faucet or spout) so the unit is making water).

Each PristineHydro Water Revival System comes with a TDS meter. If the TDS is under 70 PPM and water production is fine you do not have to change any filters. When water production decreases and/or the TDS increases, it is time to change filters.

Many people like to change filters pro-actively to maintain high system performance rather than waiting for degradation. In that case the 5 Micron, KDF//Hydroxy Apatite/Carbon, and both DI filters should be changed every 12 to 24 months, depending on usage, model, and the TDS of the source water. The RO Membrane, Remineralization, and the Coconut Carbon should be changed every three years (approx. 4,000 gallons), again, it depends on usage and the TDS of the source water.

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