Rainshow'r Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge

Rainshow'r Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge

  • $ 30.00

Replacement Cartridge for Rainshower shower filters CQ-1000NH / CQ1000. RCCQ-A Filter Cartridge lasts 6-9 months, depending on water sediments and usage. Manufacturer: Rainshow'r.
Replacement Shower Filter RCCQ-A contains specially-formulated Bacteriological (bacteriostatic) KDF media that has better chlorine removal rate than standard KDF® formula. A sediment trap reduces clogging and extends media performance, crystaline Quartz layer used for energy-enhanced shower "feel" and better lathering.


Shower Head model: CQ1000, CQ-1000NH / CQ-1000-NH
Filter Life: 6-9 months
Proudly Made in USA!

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