Ultimate Dual KDF Shower Filter

  • $ 170.00

This is the best Shower Filter on the market (in the known world).

The twin action of the "ULTIMATE" DUAL KDF SHOWER FILTER will reduce the harmful effect of chloramine, chlorine, metals, lead, iron, VOC's, radon, rust, etc. It reduces Fluoride. It also removes odors, organic waste, trihalomethanes, bacteria, and common carcinogens such as carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, benzene, and vinylidene chloride. 

Doctor Recommended Shower Filter Features:

In order for a shower filter to be effective it must contain KDF. Many companies use carbon and just 2 ounces of KDF. The new "ULTIMATE" DUAL KDF SHOWER FILTER is filled with over 30 ounces of KDF. The water flows through two KDF and Activated Catalytic Carbon filters; one on the left side and one on the right side. This makes it the most powerful shower filter ever made.

Chlorine is considered a leading cause of hair loss and thinning hair. Keep your salon coloring by removing up to 99% of the harmful iron, chlorine, and copper from your water. Stop the terrible itching of dry skin!

The "ULTIMATE" DUAL KDF SHOWER FILTER also contains Activated Catalytic Carbon, which removes chloramine. This carbon is made from coconut shell that has undergone a steam activation process to create its activated carbon form with micro-pores. During activation, it creates millions of pores at the surface of the carbon, thus increasing the total surface area. After the activation process the carbon is coated with a catalyst, which continues to break the bond between the chlorine and ammonia (how chloramine is formed) allowing any remaining chloramines to be treated. This acid-washed catalytic carbon is also especially effective for adsorbing chlorine, ammonia, and disinfection by-products, TCE, PCE, MTBE and other trace level organics.


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